EP2 Stress Reducing Pendant with FREE eDot EMR Blocker
($163 value for just $119.00)

93% Protection from cell phones and cell phone calls, as well as all sources of stress is achieved with the EP2 Stress Pendant alone. When you combine the EP2 Stress Pendant with the new eDot EMR Blocker, 99% protection for the body against compromise from EMF & EMR is realized.

EP2 Stress Reducing Pendant

EP2 Technology now uses our Quantum Bio-Energy technology adapted for personal protection and cellular coherent energy support. By accessing exceptionally high harmonic frequencies found naturally in our environment and amplifying them, we cocoon ourselves in an expanded bio photon activated field of coherence. Like darkness meeting light, chaos when encountering this coherence simply cannot stay chaotic. This provides superb protection from the chaos emanating from computers, cell phones, and electrical wiring.

We are even protected from the physiological drain from our negative thoughts and those of others. It is outstanding for energizing food and beverages, as well as providing abundant support for cellular vitality and adrenal function. Conveniently non polar, it can be placed in your pocket, worn around your neck, clipped to a piece of clothing. it is a permanent accessory and amplifier of natural coherent energies. It is particularly tuned to deal with the daily stress we encounter while supporting harmony and serenity to the body cells and to the mind.

An E technology that goes beyond any we have offered before, at a far more affordable price than less effective competitors. The EP2 may also be used in swimming pools and spas. Simply tie it to the inside of the skimmer basket for overnight improvement in the texture and energy of the water. Turns any pool into a therapeutic spa with less toxicity from the chlorine (or substitute) and algaecides.

eDot EMR Blocker

The need for cell phone protection has never been greater, Cell Phone Health Risks . Parents are allowing grade school children to walk around with "always active" cell phones. These phones are seeking a signal whenever they are turned on, using microwaves. These agitate water, sugars and fats found in the body. These can in turn disrupt normal cellular communication or worse.

German science has shown there are six primary frequencies from cell phones that are very compromising to our cellular health and vitality. Two, sometimes three, are almost always missed in other cell phone protection devices. Our Cell Phone protection handles all six frequencies without exception. Affordable, practical protection for every family member's cell phone or cordless phone (research shows these to be potentially more harmful than cell phones).

Attaches easily with little chance of falling off or breaking.

The eDot EMR Blocker is great for small slim phones as well as Blue Tooth headsets.